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World Happiness Summit March 17-19 2017. Will you join the movement?

Have you heard there's a World Happiness Summit happening in March?

What's it all about?

It's a global movement to increase awareness on happiness as a life choice, as a human right and as an enabler of human development and social innovation.

Their aim is to Unite the World by connecting to world happiness experts on a 3-day journey of discovery.  It's the first global gathering of happiness teachers and wellness experts who support humanity in reaching higher levels of consciousness. 

Their pledge is to increase awareness of happiness as a life choice, a human right and an enabler of human development and social innovation. 

Who are some of the experts and what do they believe?


Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is a humanitarian and spiritual leader

"If you can win over your mind, you can win over the whole world."


Author and Professor of Psychology – UC, Riverside

"If we can accept as true that life circumstances are not the keys to happiness, we’ll be greatly empowered to pursue happiness for ourselves."


Author and lecturer. He taught two of the largest classes in Harvard University’s history, Positive Psychology and The Psychology of Leadership.

"My purpose in life is to bring happiness to life—in individuals, groups, and organizations."


Award-winning Author of seven books

"The power of an intention multiplies, depending upon how many people are thinking the same thought at the same time."


Leading Corporate Trainer, Author, and Speaker known for his Advocacy of Positive Psychology

"You have to train your brain to be positive just like you work out your body."


Emeritus Professor of Economics at the London School of Economics

"People who achieve a sense of meaning in their lives are happier than those who live from one pleasure to another."


Science Director of the Center for Compassion & Altruism Research and Education at Stanford University, and Co-Director of the Yale College Emotional Intelligence Project at Yale University

"Instead of remaining focused on yourself, express compassion for those around you, and create supportive relationships with your coworkers, boss, and employees."


CEO of lululemon

His strategic investments in people, processes and technologies and a deeply held belief that ‘trust breeds magic’ have fostered a strong culture of innovation at lululemon.


National CBS News anchor turned positive psychology researcher and bestselling author

"Too often we forget how powerful we are as individuals to shape how other people see the world. Each one of us constantly broadcasts to other people, whether consciously or unconsciously, verbally or non-verbally; and those messages influence their brain."


Director of the Gross National Happiness Centre, Bhutan

The concept of Gross National Happiness consists of four pillars: Fair socio-economic development (better education and health), conservation and promotion of a vibrant culture, environmental protection and good governance.


Yoga Master

He is a World-Renowned Yoga Master, also known as "The Teacher of Teachers", "The Rock of Yoga" and "The Teacher With The Most Mileage,” and author of the "Master Yoga Chart of 908 Poses" and "ASANAS 608 Yoga Poses.”


Dean of Education and Human Development at the University of Miami, Host of WOHASU Academic Track

"When people think of well-being, they often think oh physical health, but this is just one aspect. The other domains are equally important. What's more, they all work in concert."


Author of Unlocking Happiness at Work, Writer for HBR and Huff Post

Jennifer is the Cofounder and Chief Communications Officer of Plasticity Labs, a research and technology company that is on a mission to give 1 billion people the tools to live a happier, higher-performing life.


Media Personality, Motivational Author and Speaker

"Effective communication depends largely on the willingness to listen with empathy, interest and generosity."


Professor Emeritus at Erasmus University Rotterdam and Director of the World Database of Happiness

"The determinants of happiness can be sought at two levels: external conditions and internal processes. If we manage to identify the circumstances in which people tend to be happy, we can create similar conditions for everyone."


Psychologist, author, and founder of Bioneuroemoción®

"No one and nothing will make you happy. You are happiness. Let presence fill the space. All the time you have is “now.” Your ego clings to relive your past and your present."


Award-Winning author of Growing Happy Kids

"Our highly sensitive children aren’t just sensitive. They are a collective of highly capable, intelligent, gifted and yes, stubborn beings who were born to do great things."


Professor of Behavioral Sciences in the Department of Social Policy at the London School of Economics & Political Science

"Change what you do, not how you think. You are what you do, your happiness is what you attend to, and you should attend to what makes you and those whom you care about happy."


Independent policy adviser, speaker, statistician and author

"Much of modern life is based upon a false logic, a logic that assumes that happiness and well-being come from financial prosperity."


Best-Selling Author and Speaker

"There is always light in our path, And although small, We have a responsibility to walk towards it."


Professor, clinical psychologist, and internationally recognized expert in mindfulness.

"A mindful parent is one who is committed to practicing being present and awake, and to listening deeply to her child, moment by moment. Mindfulness depends upon awareness."


Founder and Chief Happiness Officer of Woohoo inc

"Happiness at work is not a luxury – it’s an absolute prerequisite for us to be successful and be happy in life in general."


President of the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), Editor-in-Chief of, Writer, & Podcaster

“Life is a collection of meaningful moments and pursuits. When we consciously choose and act, the moments occur by intent and design, not through happenstance.”


Expert in the Science of Integral Well-Being (Ciencia Aplicada del Bienestar Integral) and its applications in the personal and business world.

"Changing people to change culture. You only die once, but you live every day."


Chief Evangelist, Brand Marketing at Google

"The most important technology we use in our lives is right here–our body, our breath, our brain."


Co-Founder, CEO & Editorial Director, Live Happy LLC

“Happiness embraces growth and possibility, human connection and suffering; it gives us the courage to live fulfilling, authentic lives. It is about what matters most in life, and that’s why it means so much to Live Happy to share it with the world.”


Executive Vice President, HeartMath LLC

“The doorway to fulfillment is in your heart. When you use your heart intelligence to shift perception and direct the flow of your emotions, you have the ability to generate and magnetize your own fulfillment. The longing stops and is replaced by appreciation.”

Inspired to join the movement? Do you believe happiness is simply a 'CHOICE'.... if you have ever experienced chronic depression, I am not sure I agree.  But I do like and support the social movement to improve the lives of ourselves and our fellow humans across the globe.  It is our birthright to be happy.

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