Tuesday, 28 February 2017

The Inspired Wellbeing Summit starts today!

The Inspired Wellbeing Summit begins 28th February, which has gathered together leading spiritual teachers and wellbeing experts. You can still sign up for this amazing gathering of spiritual thinkers and leaders

The Summit takes place over 12 days, featuring inspiring talks with many amazing experts in the field of Mind, Body and Spirit.

During the Summit you will learn how to:
  • Heal your life with past-life regression and soul retrieval
  • Tap into the mystical power of prayer
  • Find your life purpose and what it takes to make your life work
  • Listen to your soul and tune into the akashic records
  • Create your highest future with Destiny Retrieval
  • Understand the healing power of mantras, meditation and pranayama 
  • Step into your warrior goddess and reclaim your power
  • Choose love instead of fear and trust your intuition
  • Become an evolutionary woman and live life as an adventure
This, and much, much more awaits you in this summit! 

I've signed up! Will you?

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